Monday, October 22, 2007

Wall Climber

Give this kid a little sugar and watch him go. Maybe I'll send him up the chimney to clean out the soot.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jonah's Birthday Party

Today is Jonah's birthday, but we celebrated on Saturday. Can you guess how old he is? I would have made just chocolate cupcakes but Jonah doesn't like chocolate. Is there such a thing as maternity testing to be sure he wasn't switched at birth? Oh, did I write that out loud?

I was inspired to make art on this foil-covered window screen when I found myself with forty-eight cupcakes and no other platter large enough to hold them. Nobody knows it was an old screen from the basement. Well, they do now, but foil seals bad stuff in as much as it does good stuff. No worries.

Jonah was pretty happy when his friends started showing up. Maybe it's because they were sooo cute.
Here's the whole birthday crew, minus a couple camera-shy munchkins:
Jonah was very excited to open his presents.
Despite appearances, it wasn't a theme party. A few of the kids just wanted to be ready to protect us in the event of criminal activity during the festivities. Thankfully, there was none.

Then came the piƱata. All the kids gave it a whack. Andy tried to bust it open. Then Spiderman gave it his best shot:
And when it seemed no one was going to crack the soccer ball, Dad stepped in. Let the sugar comas commence! Ah, look at all the baby-unfriendly candy.

Good times.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Jolly Goblin

Paw Paw brought a box full of gourds by our house to make a jolly goblin. Andy chose this one for the nose: Paw Paw was on knife duty.We stuck all the features into the holes like a Mr. Potato Head.It was all very silly - just like we like it.Here's our jolly goblin:And here's our thanks to Paw Paw:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cupcake Makers

Yesterday was Dad's birthday, so we made him some cupcakes. They were chocolate on chocolate with some chocolate sprinkles. Mom says you can never have too much chocolate.

We frosted them ever-so-delicately then ate them with relish - not the pickle kind.They turned out delicious and beautiful. Can you spot Andy's work of art?