Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Prayer of a Righteous Kid Availeth Much

A few days ago we came home and the electricity was out.  We couldn't open the electric gate to drive the car in.  Mom and Dad didn't have a key to the other door either.  We were stuck in the street and couldn't get into our house.  We have an electric fence around the top of our wall to keep out robbers and Dad says it's very dangerous.  But since the electricity was off, he said he could climb over the wall and try to pry open the electric gate from the inside.  He backed the car up to the wall and climbed on top.  We were very worried that we were never going to see our toys again but Mom said we should pray that God would turn on the electricity.  We both talked to God and said, "Please turn on the electricity so we can open the gate.  Please let us into our house.  Amen."  Just when we said "Amen" Dad came crashing down onto the car with a yell.  God did turn it back on and Dad got shocked real bad.  His hand was even bleeding.  He asked us to please tell him before the next time we were going to pray for something that might kill him.  We thought it was pretty cool that God answered our prayers and that Dad was OK.