Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lizard Whisperer

Jonah has become something of a reptile specialist lately. Not only has he been catching with his bare hands some very aggressive lizards in our neighborhood, but he has also been taming them. Here is one of his recent catches--a reformed thrasher and biter:
All the boys take great delight in trapping the lizards' food so Jonah can feed it to them by hand:
They don't hesitate to take advantage of the fact that Jonah can put these little critters on their backs for several minutes at a time. Here they have Fred sunning himself on the beach with an ice cold Coke in his hand.
While his girlfriend Wilma enjoys the quiet solitude her own hot tub affords:
Live animals are a real crowd pleaser when it comes to play time. But don't worry, Jonah is extremely gentle with them and doesn't let anyone handle them who isn't just as careful. Here they are on the set of a recent photo shoot where the kids put together the following story:
Frank was carpooling on his way to work when, suddenly, he felt a little sick:
Mabel took her spot behind the wheel, only to realize she would have to drive to the hospital instead of the office. Frank's condition was getting worse:
It's a good thing Mabel works out because, by the time they reached the parking lot, Frank was so weak, she had to carry him into the building:
It's also a good thing Mabel is a doctor because she had to perform emergency surgery on Frank:
Now Frank is back at home in the comfort of his own athletic sock bed and recovering nicely:
We hope you have enjoyed our little diversion from reality. You may just see more of Jonah's gift with animals combined with his clever imagination very soon.