Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adventures in Paper Mache

We decided to get our hands dirty with paper mache this week. I wish I could offer you some great recipe for it, but we just mix flour and water until it's like runny oatmeal. Then we pour in a bit of salt, because I read once that salt keeps it from turning into a science project. We covered an inflated balloon with saturated newspaper strips (Andy's favorite part). After it dried overnight, I popped the balloon and cut out the mask shapes. The kids painted (Jonah's favorite part). Here are the finished products. Jonah's had these suits since he was about three. Looks like it's about time to trade in the Spiderman knickers for a bigger size.Nice. Don't you think?

Jonah traced over some pencil lines I drew for the web on Spidey's face. He did a good job, but I must admit, you're looking at the reason I've never considered permanent eyeliner.

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