Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fruity Cereal

Dad thought this looked like a taste of home, so he brought it home for us.  Can you say knock off?  Funny thing is, we never did eat Froot Loops in the States, but there is something that just tastes American about this stuff.  It's our favorite breakfast comfort food here.
(Since the taking of this picture, we have found Kellogg's Froot Loops at the grocery store.  For just under six dollars a box it's a real bargain.)

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Pearsons in Texas said...

You two look like beach bums with that sunkissed skin! We are soooooo proud of you for beings such troopers for Jesus! Have you made any new friends or buried any new creatures? Cade told his Ma Ma the other day that Jonah and Andy were coming over to play when he was 5. We all love you and miss you so much.
Love, Mrs. Candi