Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom's Bed Has Monsters

A few weeks ago Mom got attacked by a spider in her bed.  She got five bites but they all healed OK.  The bats like to hang out in her room too but Dad stapled some screens on the windows so they don't come around much any more.  Lizards still patrol the walls at night but she's OK with that because they eat the mosquitos that find their way into the one window we haven't been able to close off. Dad says Mom has been a real trooper through it all but yesterday we think she met her match.

Andy got up real early and went to hang out with Mom and Dad in bed.  Then I woke up and went to join them.  I put my knee up on the bed to crawl in and discovered that something else had beat me to it.  This was climbing up the sheet that was hanging down onto the floor:
In case you'd like a better look ('cause we sure got one), here it is:
Mom was less that happy and encouraged us to beat it to a pulp with the flyswatter.

Life out here can be sometimes exciting and sometimes disturbing but it's never ever boring.

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