Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teddy Pain

This is our new pet.  It's a tarantula.  We found it in the basement, but please don't tell Grandma or she may not come back to Brazil to live with us.  Her room is down there.
Andy wanted to name him Teddy and I wanted to name him Pain so we settled on Teddy Pain.  Mom says he's a small tarantula and that if we feed him we could watch him grow.  He loves to eat and it's fun to watch him attack.  We found a bee that mom says is the biggest one she's ever seen.  We threw him in there and watched the two do battle for two days straight.  In the end, Teddy Pain won.
You gotta love that spider!


sweepstake lotto said...
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Anonymous said...

Can I just say, "Yuck!" You guys are way coooler than Doug or I. One look at that spider and I would be out of there. All the nasty bugs would be too much for me. I think we'll stick with our cats and maybe consider a dog. Hopefully our kids won't be too devistated.

Love you guys,
Dana Mabry

Judy said...

Raising boys is so fun! We had two and live in the country. You learn to never stick your hands in their pant pockets before you do the wash! Strange things can be found in there. Our grandaughters inspect our house before they go to bed when they are here. They want to be sure there are NO spiders in the house. Which reminds me...they will soon be here for vacation. I better start checking for webs. Sorry, no tarantulas welcome here!!