Friday, March 20, 2009

The New Kid in Town

This is our new brother Ben.  He was born on March 3 and he's about two weeks old in this picture.  Mom had to be induced a couple weeks early because of some crazy itching she was having.  
Dad was trying to explain to us that we were about to have a new baby in the house.  He wanted to prepare us, so he said, "Today is Friday and on Tuesday Mommy's going into the hospital to have the baby."  Andy was so happy.  I was too.  

I said, "Dad, are you kidding me?  Today is really Friday?  Do you know what this means?"  

"Yes, I do," he said with a big smile on his face.  "Only a few more days."  

"No," I yelled with glee, "Star Wars is on TV tonight!"       


David said...

The pic proves I was right. U r a boy family!

Tami said...

Your boys are adorable. I'm so glad to hear everything is ok. All of us at church have been praying for your family. I hope your itching is better now that you have had Ben.