Friday, November 13, 2009

Andy's Early Birthday Celebration

Andy will turn five at the end of the month but we decided to celebrate early while we're still here in Brazil with his friends. He wanted a Spiderman party, so a Spiderman party it was:
He had a pool party in November - something that probably won't happen next year:
Dad grilled up some deliciousness while the menfolk milled around the churrasqueira (Brazilian-barbecue oven):
Judging by the expressions, he's gotten pretty good at it:
Andy opened some presents:And played some games:
While Ben wondered when he was going to get a turn. Not for about four months, Little Man:
Then Andy disappeared and Spider-Man joined the fun for a group photo:
All in all it was a great day and a birthday to remember, not just because of the food and fun, but also because it will be the last birthday Andy celebrates with this Portuguese-speaking bunch... for a while, at least.


Cris said...

I'm cracking up over Andy as Spiderman, totally in character, and Ben plopped down on the floor. I'm going to miss you guys. :(

Cris said...

And in that first family picture Jonah looks like he's been working out...

Liz said...

The pictures make me miss those little “ankle biters”

Anonymous said...
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