Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma's Visit

We're blessed enough to have two Grandmas - one from Texas and one from Colorado. We used to call the former Naked Grandma because she liked to strip us down when we were babies and let us run around naked. Now we call her Texas Grandma because Mom says the other doesn't seem like a fitting name for a six and a nine year old to use.

She just spent a week with us and we had a great time. She even helped us with our chores. For example, she cleaned the glass doors while we... well, we did other stuff.
Then we rewarded her by taking her to the beach and by just being our wonderful-grandson selves.
Thanks for visiting, Grandma. We miss you already.

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Lesley said...

so cool to see pictures of your mom...thanks for sharing...hope all is well with you and yours...