Monday, October 17, 2011

Jonah's 10th

We are officially parents of a double digiter. Jonah was thrilled to have his tenth birthday party at a beach park with these great kiddos:
I was glad I didn't plan a lot of games because they kept themselves pretty busy. Their first activity was to climb up this concrete water fountain to swing on low hanging palm fronds. The moms all stood nearby commenting on how dangerous it looked as we snapped photos of our daring children:
Then the kids' favorite celebrity, their homeschool athletics coach, showed up for a cameo appearance. He brought Jonah a baseball autographed by a famous player and even gave the brothers a little something:
He broke out his bow and arrow and gave each kid a shot at a bag of charcoal. Who needs a piƱata?
Then it was cake time. Jonah requested chocolate this year for the first time ever. For those of you who know him, you know lemon has always been his favorite. I believe my influence is finally taking hold.
He got a lot of cool boy gifts from his friends, including things that shoot, things that go, and things that make a mess:
Then we headed over to the beach for the main attraction:
Uh oh!
It was very windy but felt great:
No sea lice in here:
And the wind made for perfect waves:
Woo hoo! what a party!


Cris said...

I can't believe Jonah is TEN!! Holy smokes. Tell him happy birthday!

Tami said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! They were great. Wow Jonah is 10 --- growing up so fast. Looks like everyone had a great day. Hope things are going well for all.