Sunday, September 9, 2007

Soccer Game

Jonah played his first soccer game of the season today. Here are the little munchkins warming up before the game. Jonah's coach is the lady in pink. He's on the blue team this week. The shirts are reversible and the two teams practice and play each other every week. It's a church league. Andy practiced his karate kid, I mean his kick, just off the sideline.The league is more concerned with sportsmanship than competition. Jonah's working on his sportsmanship but has pretty much mastered the competition thing, as can be seen here where he shoves Little Yellow out of the way to kick a goal... AGAINST HIS OWN TEAM! Luckily, the goalie is pretty good and saves Jonah from himself.Jonah likes to play goalie too. See how he owns the space?Here comes the ball... Here it comes... He got it!Then he looks to make sure we saw it.And just in case anyone missed that, here's another block on a kid kicking... AGAINST HIS OWN TEAM! Good save, Jonah!
And another look from the blocker.Yes, we saw it and we are proud.

Finally, the play of Jonah's career so far and our money-making shot, should he go pro.

Don't worry, he didn't actually kick the little girl in the teeth, but he did take it to her, didn't he? So what if half of the league are girls and the other half are boys smaller than him? It's good for his self-esteem. OK, so it's good for his parents' self-esteem too. We're proud of our boy. What's wrong with that?

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Sascha said...

all i have to say is that it is one thing to not care too much about competition and to get kids to treat each other appropriately on the playing field. it is also a completely different thing to continuously let children score upon their own teams. what in the world! don't they know Jonah is moving to Brazil!?! that don't fly down here - ya know?

it is pretty cool that he is a great goalie - especially against his own team. i think that is more important that blocking the opposition.

way to go Jonah!!!