Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halloween in Colorado

This year we celebrated Halloween in Colorado. Here's some of our family on Dad's side (Uncle Dean, Aunt Nettie, Cousin Amanda, Cousin Joanna, Cousin Jarrettt, Grandma, and us with Mom and Dad):
We got to meet our new cousin Adam. He's cute, but he doesn't do much. We tried to teach him how to write on the walls and pull the cat's tail and other fun stuff like that, but he wasn't interested. Oh well, maybe next time.And we met Adam's Daddy, Anthony. We warmed up to him pretty quickly.
Uncle Dean and Aunt Nettie bought us some bikes to ride around the neighborhood: Finally, someone who understands our needs.For Halloween, Mom and Dad each carved a jack-o-lantern. Then we went to a carnival at the local church. We were Mr. Incredible and "Darf Mater" or "Dark Vader" (depending on which of us you ask).Adam was a pirate, but not a very scary one. He just kept eating his sword.
We played lots of games, and they gave out lots of candy.
The chicken catapult was one of our favorite attractions.The train ride was great too. This won our vote for best costume: We had a great time and didn't want it to end. We think the feeling was mutual, because here's what Adam had to say when we told him we were leaving:

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