Wednesday, February 6, 2008

High Aspirations

We were driving home one evening recently and passed several restaurants when Jonah announced that he wanted to be a "restaurant guy" when he grows up.  He said he wants to sell food to people.  I said I thought that was a fine idea and that I would certainly buy food at his restaurant (especially if he stops picking his nose by then).  A few minutes passed, then Andy chimed in with, "I want to be Spiderman when I grow up."  Not wanting to be outdone, Jonah said, "I think I want to be Batman instead."  Several more minutes passed before Andy decidedly pronounced, "I am going to be the Lord."

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Anonymous said...

That Andy--he's hilarious, if not a bit ambitious! That whole thing was quite amusing. It turns out that Jonah and Luke can open a joint together--Luke has the same desire to serve food. Chalente's Cafe (that's how we've decided to spell it--we'll just say it's French!) has been open full force lately. Chef Chalente has spent hours preparing dishes made of colorful wooden food, he even wipes up the "mess" carefully with baby wipes. Liza is the sous chef. Pictures forthcoming.
P.S. If Jonah and Luke are the food guys, and Andy is the Lord, where does that leave Liza?
P.P.S. Do ya'll have an email address yet??