Thursday, December 22, 2011


We went to Legoland, and it was awesome!  Mom got cheap tickets through the homeschool group.  We were just three of about 400 kids.  It was like a private field trip just for home schoolers. 

 Max was there.  This is the biggest we've ever seen him:

 There were lots of fun rides, and we were tall enough for just about all of them:

 Well, Ben wasn't, but there was plenty of stuff his size, too:

Mom went on this one with us.  I'm pretty sure I heard her scream:

It seemed like everything was made out of Legos:

Even some of the people.  At first Ben was a little scared of this guy, but he got pretty chummy with him after a few minutes:

I had no idea Legos were so strong... or sharp.  Ouch!

Ya, pretty sharp:

The absolute coolest thing in the park--where we spent most of our time--was this place where we got to build cars and race them on tracks.  We must have raced about a thousand times.  I'm pretty sure we won every time, too:

Mom liked this.  It was a bunch of miniature cities built with Legos. We were like giants:

It was a fun trip, and it gave us all kinds of ideas for how to use Legos.  Now, if only Santa would bring us about a million more boxes of them.

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