Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cookie Making Fun

Ben really wanted to help me make some Christmas cookies last week, so I made the dough and let him roll it out.
 He preferred to use his hands, which made me glad I had him wash them before we started.
 At one point it didn't really matter how clean his hands were, because he kept shoving them into his mouth.  Then I found myself trying to remember just how hot the cookies would have to bake to kill bacteria.  I was pretty sure we were safe, and I wasn't planning on handing this batch out to the neighbors, so I let him freely partake of the best part of cookie making.
 He was very thankful, and we made some nice cookies.
 The next day after they had cooled it was time to decorate them.
 Ben was nice enough to let his brothers participate, but he did stake his claim to the multi-colored sprinkles.
 Andy insisted on wearing a shirt with a collar for the big event.  What you can't see are the athletic shorts that complete the ensemble.  By-the-way, there are cookies under all that icing and all those sprinkles.
 Jonah was more casual with his dress and more conservative with his decorating.
 Ben took a bite out of each cookie he decorated.
 Hey, wait a minute!  There were two cookies on that plate.  Where's the other one?
Yummy, yummy in my tummy.

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