Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ben's Birthday

We celebrated Ben's third birthday earlier this month. Jonah and Andy insisted that he open their presents before the guests arrived.
I suspect it was so they could bust open the packages and "help" him play. I'm pretty sure he was on to them.
 The bounce house party went over big with Andy's friends in November so we did that again.
I don't know exactly how long kids can jump, but I know now that it's at least six hours.
 Ben was happy to greet each guest upon arrival and dive into his presents.

 Meanwhile, Dad cooked up some kid food on the grill. It was a beautiful day.
 The food and weather were enjoyed by all.
 Then we came in for some cake.

 And it was back outside for face painting fun.
 Ben was especially patient.
 And was rewarded with this awesome Spiderman mask.
 At the end of the day, the favorite of these best friends was the looting of the goody bags.
Ben was out for the night just minutes after the last guest left. He talked about it for days, which is a sure sign it was a hit.

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